Introducing Performers to the 2019 Event: Daniel Ji

Breaking tradition and formality to reach higher.

Daniel Ji

Daniel Ji clarifies that he is not a professional piano player. However, he defines playing piano as an essential part of his life. He enjoys having an audience who listens to his performance on stage. He used to fear being on stage, but now, he enjoys being with the audience to share his ideas and thoughts through the expression of music. Second, he stills want to learn and develop his skills in piano. After many years of self-learning, teaching and experiencing piano, he still finds out that there is always something to learn from every artist disregarding their age or depth of experiences. He tries to learn as much as he can from professionals, peers and kids. Third, he loves teaching kids and peers on piano and other subjects as well. He likes to share his experiences to younger students so they can have more chances of enjoying music. He also wants to share his mistakes and errors with his students so they can avoid them. Lastly, he is proud to be a part of the TCIS community. Daniel says he got to meet amazing people in a very well founded education environment. He also grew faith over the years in high school which brought him closer to God. He wants to thank God and everyone who loves and supports him. During his performance, he wants to break traditional barriers by playing video game music at a formal event like TEDx!

Contact Daniel Ji through! You can also find him on his YouTube channel where he uploads his piano covers.

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