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TEDxYouth@TCIS 2020: Promo Video

TEDxYouth@TCIS 2020: Upcoming Updates

We would like to announce that the speakers for the event have been finalized. There will be a series of releases about the speakers and any additional updates regarding the event on our website and social media pages.

TEDxYouth@TCIS 2020: Recruiting Speakers

Check out our Facebook Page for more details on applications.


Jae Won Kim

Introducing Speakers to the 2019 Event: Jae Won Kim Collaboration is not simply distributing the work; it is finding the strengths of individuals and aligning them to work together flawlessly Jae Won Kim Mr. Kim is a current leader of Elice that provides interactive and data-driven SW classrooms for everyone. Elice is currently used by ...


Rashed Kaiser

Introducing Speakers to the 2019 Event: Rashed Kaiser If you are determined, no barrier will stand a chance before you Mr. Kaiser is from Bangladesh and currently studying to get a PhD in mechanical engineering at Pusan National University, Busan. He is also a member and VPPR (Vice president of public relations) of Burning branch ...


Anna Lourdes Rigos Cruz

Introducing Speakers to the 2019 Event: Anna Lourdes Rigos Cruz Some people find their true calling a bit later than most people, and it is okay. You don't have to be in a hurry."Anna Cruz Anna Lourdes Rigos Cruz is a 26-year old late bloomer INTJ. She is a senior Special Education student at the ...


Benjamin Kask and Daisy Kim

Introducing Speakers to the 2019 Event: Benjamin Kask and Daisy Kim Breaking barriers takes a stubbornness and a willingness to fail" Benjamin Kask  and Daisy Kim Ben Kask who was a IB economics teacher at TCIS and now a IB economics teacher in SFS shares how he views the world as place which the world as a ...