Category: 2019: Breaking Barriers


Introducing Performers to the 2019 Event: Campbell Cartes

Take off the illusion that you show others, be who you areCampbell Cartes "This year (2019), Campbell Cartes is an 11 year old girl in 6th Grade, who is a vegetarian by choice. She loves animals and disagrees with eating them. She has traveled through 13 different countries. In each country she has learned about ...

2019.2.16: Breaking Barriers

Watch our TEDxYouth@TCIS Teaser Trailer! Video created by Jamie Lee and Christy Zo. All rights reserved.

Introducing Speakers to the 2019 Event: Seoyoung Kim

"All of us possess this kind of light of unique light. No light can, not shall, belittle any other light in significance nor uniqueness."Seoyoung Kim Seoyoung is a current junior with chromesthesia. She has lived in the US for 7 years and has come back to Korea. Chromesthesia is a type of synesthesia in which heard ...