Speakers List 2017

To have a quick glance of what you can expect at the event, check out this updated Speakers List for the upcoming TEDxYouth@TCIS conference.

Brian Marshall

K-12 Student Affairs Coordinator @Taejon Christian International Schoolimg_6791

Brian Marshall is currently the Student Affairs Coordinator for TCIS. This is Brian’s 9th year as a school administrator. One of his interests is to continue learning about ways to support teachers and students growth as human beings. One way to consider this issue is to look at the coaching model to consider how the use of questioning can aid people in becoming more self-directed. Questioning also helps with reflection and as people grow in their abilities to self-reflect, they grow in their ability to make improvements in their lives.

Hyunjoo Ji

Student @Taejon Christian International Schoolimg_6402

Born under two loving parents, Hyunjoo studies to become the better resource for the society. She runs a project with few of her passionate MUNers called Executive Leaders’ Operative Society (ELOS) to eliminate the gap of the opportunity provided for students of different backgrounds. She is also an amateur writer who is currently working with a Korean culture magazine I’M 66100 to publish an article about the experience as a plus sized individual. Having been abroad for three years, she has been through various health issues (emetophobia) and academic concerns to return to home. She is interested in changing the paradigm in Korean education to be oriented around the student themselves.

Zach Benson

CEO of Assistagram.co + Professional Dancerimg_6405

Zach Benson is a full-time entrepreneur, hustler, world traveler, dancer, and connector. Zach also was a round 4 finalist on the hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance and he is the Founder and CEO of http://www.assistagram.us He specializes in creating Instagram campaigns reaching millions. His philosophy in life is to encourage others to reach their potential through the arts and social media. Zach is all about becoming the best version of himself and making people & companies better.

Check out Zach on his official website zachbenson.co.

Sea-Yun Pius Joung

Student @Taejon Christian International Schoolimg_6416

Having spent most of his life abroad, from Australia, through to Norway, Sea-Yun has been able to learn several life tools. The first is the ability to adapt to a given culture. At the most fundamental level, Sea-Yun has learned how different cultures have different histories (history being derived from “historia”, being also the root word of “history”). The shared memory of the ups and downs of history seems to be what defines a country and its culture. So, you ask, which culture he is from? Well, he loves to eat Kimchi at his meals, but he also enjoys watching AFL (Aussie Rules Footy), while he also loves to admire the beautiful Nidaros Cathedral.

Seoyoon Song

Student @Daejeon Yongsan High Schoolimg_6786

SeoYoon Song is currently attending Yong San High School in Daejeon. She would like to take this opportunity to share the importance of gratitude that she learned through her experience in high school as one of the members of student council for the past three years. The topic ‘rethink’ reminded her of a project she directed in her school which most of the students came together to show their appreciation to the staff members of the school. This project became viral leading other schools to do the same. She learned how much warmer it felt around her when people appreciated what one another did and would like to encourage other people to show their appreciation just like her.

Shah Mohammad Saidur Rahman

Shell (Brunel Energy)img_6783

Saidur, Shah Mohammad Saidur Rahman, earned a Bachelor degree in “Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety” from the University of Newcastle Australia and a master’s in engineering Degree in “Engineering and Technology Management” from the University of South Australia. He began his career in 2001 in the HSE field after graduating from Bangladesh Institute of Marine Technology and has since served in a number of Management positions in various organisations in increased responsibility in the field and currently hold a role of “HSE Coach” for major projects for a renowned oil and gas company in the world. An aspiring motivational public speaker, he was actively involved with Toastmasters club of Singapore and currently a member of Jinju Toastmasters Club. Saidur is a life member of DMEABS, SBS, SISO, IOSH. As alumni of the University of Newcastle, he was featured on the degree course brochure published by the University in conjunction with PSB Academy, Singapore.

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