Speakers List 2018

To have a quick glance at what you can expect at the event, check out this updated Speakers List for the upcoming TEDxYouth@TCIS conference 2018.

  • Andrey Seas


Seas Media entrepreneur and businessman

Mr. Andrey Seas was born is Costa Rica and immigrated to the US as a young child with his mother. His family background did not prove him advantageous in the educational setting, so he feels blessed to be the first to attend college and eventually graduate law school. However, struggling with his mental health, he realized that this was not the path for him. Later, when he met his Korean wife, he switched his career and found a passion for marketing and coaching. Now he bounces back and forth from LA to Korea while building an online business where he feels so free to see the world and inspire others. He would like to help others build passionate, intentional, and fulfilled lives, and he would like to address the journey to finding such things in life is what makes us truly human.

  • April Gudenrath


Secondary school English literature educator @TCIS

Ms. April Gudenrath is from the US, currently residing in Korea in order to teach English literature to high school students at TCIS. Her teaching experience stretches back 15 years in US public and private schools. She is titled a TED-ED educator have published several articles and books about technological pedagogy in the classroom. In addition, she is an international consultant on the blended classroom K-20. Outside of her work, she is a mother of two college students. In her previous school, as she underwent the tragedy of 11 student suicides, she was compelled to help her students by asking “Why?” and wants to address the importance of vulnerability in our lives.

  • Eunkyo Jo


Student @TCIS

Eunkyo Jo is currently a senior at TCIS. She has lived in multiple places in her life, moving from Korea to Utah and adapting to different cultures through her frequent travels. She is the middle child of three sisters and finds joy in music and sports. She would like to address the effect of traditional Korean gender roles and her experience and perspective on this topic, furthering relating this back to the theme of this event. She believes that the stage is a place where her voice can be heard and a platform of advocacy for the issue of her great concern.

  • Thomas Penland


Headmaster @TCIS

Dr. Thomas Penland is the headmaster of TCIS and the founder of GSIS, another international school is Gyeonggi Suwon. Prior to becoming headmaster of TCIS in1996, he worked in North Carolina, USA as a public school principal in two large public high schools for seven years. Prior to this, he worked at a Christian international school in Malaysia as a teacher, principal, and head of school for ten years. His whole life he has been fascinated with leadership and broadening and enriching cultural experiences. He would like to explore what it means to be human through principles that he has acquired throughout his life as a leader and educator in many different cultural backgrounds.

  • Prajit Datta
    Blockchain Evangelist and Data Scientist

Prajit Datta specializes on use of blockchain technology for enhancing security in the financial sector. His presentations and talks on scope and significance of artificial intelligence, data science and blockchain technology have been well-received at several national and international forums. The Stanford Library has featured his research chapter on cloud gaming. He ranks under 100 in the numerous data science projects at Kaggle, and he has applied his entrepreneurial streak and product design capabilities in mentoring two startups, Proctur and Brandfirst. He also has authored two books – ’26 Jumpstraps’ on entrepreneurial bootstrapping and ‘Startup to Scaleup’ on startup scaling. During his free time, running marathons and practicing yoga gives him the required strength and focus for living life to the fullest.




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